Pet-friendly cafes in Pune

If you are longing to take your foul-legged furry friend around the city, fret not because some of the finest café in Pune are pet-friendly.



Image Source: Café Joshua

This quaint little café is named after the owner’s dog, ‘Joshua’, who is always around to welcome new buddies to this café. This place serves amazing coffee with tasty bites, hence is an ideal place if you are looking for a quiet place for a sumptuous breakfast or a cozy evening.



Image Source: Fat Cat’s Cafe

The first thing you notice about this place is the compassion of its owner, ‘Melanie’. If you are looking for simple yet gorgeous hangout place with your animal friend, look no further than Fat Cat’s Café. They serve mouth-watering fresh home-made food with desserts to die for. So take your pick from outdoor or indoor space and dig into pastries and savories which will leave you yearning for more.



Image Source: Sauteed Stories

With archaic décor, Sauteed Stories makes every corner Instagram worthy. With mesmerizing lamps, fairy lights and treasured artefacts, I felt like being in an Alice-in -Wonderland movie. So, take your pet along and experience a pretty getaway with yummy food, good music or come to lose yourself in a book.



Image source: Dravidas Bistro

‘Dravida’ simply refers to the culture and people from South India. A big shout to all the South Indian food lovers, you will relish the food as much as your dog would be delighted about this place. Some places and people really have that effect when they make everyone who walks-in welcoming. Either opt for A la carte menu or go for the 5-course meal, ‘Grand Saatvik Thalli’ but whatever you opt for you will leave the place satisfied and with a hearty belly.



Image Source: Manmauji

Imagine a hammock, a library in a quirky and funky café with tasty food. Manmauji café will provide all this while welcome your four-legged friend. Being more of a student hangout joint, food options are limited. But do sip on their flavorsome lattes and enjoy a nice relaxing evening.

So where are you taking your furry little friend today?







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