Getting KINKI

Review for KINKI Restaurant in BANER, PUNE:

I heard so many mixed reviews about this place that I had to experience it firsthand. To begin with the Inside décor was quite remarkable, with origami paper birds, Chinese fans and vibrant colours. But their air-conditioning didn’t seem to be working hence we had to sit outside on a hot evening. The staff was very friendly, well informed about the menu and suggested perfect dishes as per our palate.

Sushi: Veg Blush: This was the best dish of the day for me. It was spicy and flavorsome. And as for Chicken teriyaki Sushi I think it lacked luster making it very dry but nonetheless the taste was good.

Bowls: Donburi Chicken and Tofu: When the dish arrived, the quantity looked very less but it was quite stodgy. It again had lot of flavor but botched to when it came to taste.

The cocktails was amazing and I will recommend you try one of their signature Sake with rum. I would definitely visit once again to try other things on the menu like Boas and Dimsums.



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