Pune’s own Nitro-infused sweet treats!

Situated on the Dhole Patil Road, Papacream opened with a bang on 1st April. It’s technique & skills for making fresh Ice-cream in a process they call ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ using Nitrogen & Dry ice. Wonderful and prompt staff working at the counter to make your experience worthwhile!

The interior is very quirky and exceptional. Got a mezzanine floor too! A small staircase to take you up there. Well lit & good seating arrangements for a place that small.


The Belgian Chocolate Sundae: This is one delightful dessert to try. Hot waffle with delicious ice-cream, with soft whipped creams and a variety of toppings to go with it. The chocolate melted in the mouth and the waffle was so well cooked, it praised the ice cream and whipped cream well.

The Ferrero Crunch is & will be my most favored piece here. The magic of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate & the flavorsome taste of not-so sweet ice-cream! MUST-TRY!

On and on a wonderful experience awaits you. So head toward Papacream for all your sweet tooth cravings!




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