Sivagami as the ideal mother

 While Bahubali mania is gripping, and a lot has been spoken about the male characters Bahubali, Bhallal Dev and Kattappa, let’s look at one of the strongest female characters in the movie and why Sivagami was an ideal mother.


1.     After her husband was denied of the throne. She wasn’t scared to take control of the Mahishmati Kingdom. A Braveheart mother with skillful warrior who effortlessly run the big Mahishmati kingdom over for two decades. She undertakes her responsibility well and does not lose her patience or give up her task.


 2.     She isn’t afraid to take stern steps to safeguard the Kingdom. She repels evil with that which is best. Sivagami hands over the keys of the empire to Amarendra because she is pleased with his bravery and nobility in the battlefield and not for once, can she be accused of favoritism.


3.     Sivagami raises both of her children to be worthy heirs of throne, she was just and unbiassed. She gives equal opportunities to her son, Bhallala Deva, as well as her stepson Amarendra Bahubali.


4.     She understands her role as a mother who has the most important position in educating children and feeding them with love and sentiment and teaching them the meanings of goodness and compassion.


5.     She is terrific combination of a warrior and a mother. She does not remind her husband of the work she does inside the house or shows her authority outside the house.



6.     She does not uncover the defects of her husband before others and does not reveal the secrets of their life.


7.     She is not afraid to accept her mistakes and is ready to give her life up for her children.

This article is for entertainment purposes only, but bottom line being let’s not just aim to raise strong children but also rise to be strong mothers. Happy Mothers Day to all 🙂


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