As dark as our soul: IceKraft

Warning by end of this post you are going to feel major craving!

With the world going crazy about the trending Black Ice-cream, the only place in the city serving this errant treat is- Icekraft – pune! Stone beating ice-cream isn’t a new thing anymore but the having 100% freedom on how we want our ice cream to be. From base flavor with sauces to toppings everything can be modified according to our taste definitely is the thing on the block.

Beat the heat this summer with the tempting Black Ice cream that has taken the internet by storm with its #AsDarkAsOurSoul flavor!


With ingredients such as oreo, brownie, choice-chips & Nutella in short all my favorite things in the world, this edible activated charcoal is the Black Monstor Nice-cream. Try the Black waffle cone for the best experience!

Relished the elusive and stimulating flavor and the melting black goodness was just the cherry on the cake being the treat for the eyes & taste buds! Since you are there do try the ‘Premium Kraft’ fries: loaded with cheese and spices.


So Punekars and all my followers, here’s something that deserves a try for its amazing unique flavor and don’t forget to tag #thesocialdrive with your incredible Instagram captures 🙂

Head there today!


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