Why To Take That Trip With Your Bestie

  1. There is never a dull moment. Doesn’t matter what kind of day you are a having, your bestie will always make you smile and laugh. You are never bored when you two are together.


  1. Even the planning part is fun. Maybe you’re the type with stuffed itinerary binder. Maybe you’re down for whatever as long as you get to sightsee. Either way, the phone calls, WhatsApp messages, group email threads and sheer anticipation are half the fun of traveling with your friends.


  1. Your Insta game will be on point. You’re pretty much travelling with your very own professional photographer, they know they have to take 10 photos of you in the exact same location to get that perfect insta post. They will even create your own personal hashtags.


  1. You leave with a million inside jokes. Right from the yellow shirt guy, crazy tour guide to sloppy kissers.


  1. You both understand that some days you just don’t feel like doing anything touristy and just feel like having a cold drink with a killer view!


  1. Endless stories to tell when you are old and grey. These stories will never get old and you’ll always find a way to bring them up at those big milestone celebrations “this one time in London…”


  1. They understand you better than anyone else. Your bestie knows after an hour without food you can get hungry again, they also know you cannot function without coffee in the morning. Your bestie knows if you need a time-out and some space. You don’t need to pull the “I’m just tired pretext…”



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