Summer Hacks

  1. Wear cotton instead of polyester. Not all summer dresses are created equal. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton over synthetic ones like polyester, and you’ll sweat a lot less. And when you do sweat, your clothes won’t cling to your curves! try exclusive summer range at Cotton World.


  1. Go for loose halter tops over tight tanks to avoid underarm chafing. When it’s especially hot and humid out and you’re running around outside, underarm chafing from tight tank tops can be a literal pain. A breezy halter allows your underarms to breathe and still looks totally flirty.


  1. Keep Lotions and creams in the fridge:

“Keep your lotions and body sprays in the fridge! This keeps you cool in the hot summer months and is refreshing as the last step in your beauty routine before heading out.”


  1. Get Refreshed: Freshen Up Flats with Tea Bags

My go-to trick is to put teabags in my flats to freshen them up after a long day of wear. The teabags absorb the odor and help to prolong the life of your shoes!


  1. Baby powder to the rescue:

“For those days when it feels like 100°C outside and you’re about to melt apply some Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder down your shirt and back to reduce sweating and body odor.


  1. Stylish Sunglasses: Swapping out sunglasses are a super fun and easy way to add to your summer style. My staples are these over-sized glam sunnies that go with everything.


  1. Choose the Right BRA:

One of the things that gets tricky about summer style is choosing the right bra for the right outfit. An easy fix is a great convertible bra. This one has a deep plunging neckline and can be worn strapless, halter, crisscross and conventional as well. Try the ones here.



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