Mast Mastani

Pune is famous for its variety of cuisine which is suitable for every palate; here every cuisine is celebrated whole heartedly, the sumptuous food at Goodluck café or a Maharashtrian thali with thecha, thalpit or a freshly rustled sumptuous glass of Mango Mastani, Pune’s very own creation.

Mastani is our very own thick mango milkshake topped with pieces of cut fruit, dry fruit and whipped cream. This name from the legend of the famous Peshwa ruler Bajirao and his lover, the beautiful Mastani.

According to the owner of the oldest Mastani joint called Gujjar Cold Drink, originally when this drink was served to people they used to approvingly comment ‘mast’ or awesome thus, this drink is called Mastani.


Now, a hurried megalopolis with growing IT Parks, the city of Pune (which was once the capital of the mighty Peshwas and the invincible Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) still preserves its old-world charm in its language, historical forts, old bazaars and off-course its traditional cuisine!


Also, We Punekars are tremendously proud of our cultural heritage and hence this delicious, famous dessert has been named after the bubbling, stunning courtesan who stole our Peshwa Bajirao’s heart.




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