11 Checklist Points Every Female Has For Picking Out Her Man

1. We love guys with lots of hair – when men start to lose hair, they lose
women too.



2. Being a woman we have moods at that time of the month, give us a
chocolate and run us a hot bath and voila you have successfully got
through the bitch phase.



3. We don’t usually care if a man is rich but we want a man who can take care
of himself, stability is high on the list.



4. Let’s hit the basics again, you want a woman with curves like a coke bottle,
so then you got to offer something back. Homer Simpson lookalike works
in cartoons only.



5. We want a man and we love it when you look like a man and act like a man,
crying during emotional scenes are cute, but men who are too tuned in
with their inner self…. erm!



6. We like it when you are open about your feelings and there are no games
involved. We like the chase but after a while you want to win the game not
continue playing.



7. We love ourselves, vanity isn’t a crime for us but we love it even more if
you tell us we look skinny in that outfit. That is your golden ticket to our heart.


8. Being said that we need someone who is not too nice and can keep us on
our feet. We can be bitch at times so someone who can keep us grounded.



9. Usually a girl doesn’t need a man to stand up for her, but when we do we
should know you got our back.



10.Every girl like craziness and randomness so don’t expect us to plan our
dates, when you ask us out have a plan. Surprises are the key to our heart.



11. Passion, the secret to being the one. You don’t have to be an explorer in
the Amazonian jungles or Jack Sparrow but we love a man who shows a lot
of passion, not just in bed, but in everything a man believes in. Passionate
men are inspiring and mysterious, and women love that.



Most of all we are open so if you are decent & a nice guy, just play it well and you
can get on our good side pretty soon! 🙂 Cheers – N




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