What makes the Pangong Lake so special?

Ladakh is one Indian destination that’s on the bucket list of many a traveler. Not only is it a delight for escapade lovers, it is copious in natural scenic beauty, of a different kind though. But besides feeling like being on a movie set, there are certain facts which makes this lake so mesmerizing. Its rugged terrain that perfectly falls in contrast with the clear blue skies makes Ladakh a scene worth witnessing.

It’s Ladakh season and Pangong Tso is one of its most picturesque attractions. As more and more people visit Leh-Ladakh, it is worth seeing what is so special about it. These stunning Pangong Tso photos prove why it is perhaps India’s most beautiful lake!


·       Pangong Tso is located at an altitude of 14,270 ft above sea level.


·       It is an endorheic lake which means it doesn’t let water flow to other water bodies.

 img_20170725_1331171.jpg·       At its broadest point, Pangong Tso is around 5 km wide. The total length of the lake is 134 km.


·       Tourists are only allowed to visit Pangong Tso uptil the Spangmik village due to the lake’s proximity to the Sino-Indian border.


·       The lake is known for its changing colors – ranging from shaded of blue to green to red. There are various reasons for this, sunlight, depth etc.


 ·       60 per cent of the Pangong Tso lies in China and the eastern end of the lake is in Tibet.


·       Pangong Tso remains completely frozen during the winter months of November to March.


As numbers of tourists continue to grow, it is worth reiterating that cleanliness is of utmost importance here to keep the marvelous lake as gorgeous as it is! Use #TheSocialDrive to get featured 🙂 Happy Travelling!



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