What a Shame that this Festival is over, because you should taste it to believe how delicious the food was at the Goan Food festival. The Social Drive team had the privilege to dine at Hyatt Regency Pune and enjoy the sumptuous Goan food at The Cafe. Thanks to @whatshotpune and @hyattregencypune for the hospitality.


When you hear Goan food you imagine Prawn Balchao, Chicken Xacuti, Ros Omelets, Pork belly, Dodol, Rawa fried fish, Tawa masala Fish and many more!! And yes, these were all present at The Cafe to fulfill your Goan delicacy and seafood cravings.


The Café, had a very huge spread including live counters serving Goan delicacies- appetizers and main course. On the live counters, they had option of Rava fry fish, Chicken and Mushrooms in Poi bread, Paneer Tikka with a Goan twist. Also available was Dauphinoise Potatoes, Ratatouille and variety of delightful salads like Poached fish with mustard, Muskmelon & gapes with chili dust, Chicken in Ponzu sauce.


The Chicken Ros Omelet with Katre Pav and chorizo was mouthwatering. Prawn Balchao, Surmai curry and Pork belly were amazingly flavorsome. Chicken Steak was cooked to perfection and that Goan special chilly masala was delectable. 


The Mocktails Berrylicious and Goan Long Beach had a crisp coconut flavor that washed off all the spices.


Dodol the most unique item on the dessert menu had a unique sweet flavor of Goan pyramid jaggery and a luscious creamy taste of coconut milk. Very rich in flavor a very exquisite delicacy only to be second best and beaten by the Kokum Sorbet served with a dash of kaala-khatta.



The Goa Food Spread was splendid. More importantly, traditional genuine Goan food. For those who did not partake of Goan food there was sufficient other dishes to have. And we adored the attention given us by Chef Prasen, and his team. His recommendations of the day were spot on. Planning to visit the Café at Hyatt Regency, Pre-book and get the same Goan dish you desire. And there goes my Goa trip for this year!! Thank you Whatshot_in and Hyatt Regency for this lovely Dinner.






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