I wanna travel around in a vintage truck with a tiny-house attached to a trailer.

Catching a glimpse of a whaler and maybe even a sailor. 

I want to see as much of the world as I can. Mountain, bridges, oceans & sand.

Connecting with people, and seeing new faces. Exploring remote places & inspiring, open spaces. 

Wherever I choose to stop and stay, my mini-house, swagged out for days. 

A hammock strung up on the nearest tree, gazing at stars and feeling totally free. 

Falling asleep under the star lit sky. Waking up and saying goodbye. 

Off to explore some more of this world, no lavish places just somewhere i can curl.

Picking a direction and heading that way.Anticipating where next, I will stay. 

Day after Day after Day. Yes, I’m gonna travel that way..

Yes, I’m gonna travel that way.


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