Why You Should Watch Horror Movies! 

    Horror movies: Love them or hate them, take them or leave them, everyone ends up watching them regardless. There’s something about that adrenaline rush, that tightening of the stomach, that edge-of-your-seat feeling that keeps us all going back for more. So, since I have a severe passion for the horror genre, I decided to point out why you should watch horror movies. I want … Continue reading Why You Should Watch Horror Movies! 

Bellissimo Salon on Turning 10

Bellissimo is celebrating their ten-year anniversary. Established in 2007 the Salon opened with one objective; to promote beauty services in a clean, professional environment while still setting benchmarks with their new services based on their client’s lifestyle. Bellissimo Hair & Beauty Salon has earned a reputation for it’s high standards of hygiene and personalised and friendly service. Bellissimo offers a wide range of services while providing … Continue reading Bellissimo Salon on Turning 10

5 Things to Do Every Morning For Good Health!

Since the whole world is celebrating International yoga day, we have decided to bring 5 tips that you should practice before you check your e-mail. This is your opportunity to start the day off right. Like the common belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, your morning exercise routine is one of the most important things you can do to prepare … Continue reading 5 Things to Do Every Morning For Good Health!

11 Checklist Points Every Female Has For Picking Out Her Man

1. We love guys with lots of hair – when men start to lose hair, they lose women too.   2. Being a woman we have moods at that time of the month, give us a chocolate and run us a hot bath and voila you have successfully got through the bitch phase.   3. We don’t usually care if a man is rich but … Continue reading 11 Checklist Points Every Female Has For Picking Out Her Man

Summer Hacks

Wear cotton instead of polyester. Not all summer dresses are created equal. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton over synthetic ones like polyester, and you’ll sweat a lot less. And when you do sweat, your clothes won’t cling to your curves! try exclusive summer range at Cotton World. Go for loose halter tops over tight tanks to avoid underarm chafing. When it’s especially hot and humid … Continue reading Summer Hacks